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NG6 is a user friendly information system able to manage large sets of sequencing data. It includes, a set of pipelines adapted to different input formats (sff, fastq), different sequencers (Roche 454, Illumina HiSeq, ABI Solid, PacBio RSII) and various analysis (quality control, variation discovery, RNAseq, diversity studies,…) and, a secured web site giving access to the results. The user will be able to download raw and processed data and browse through the analysis results statistics. The provided workflows are easy to settle and extend. The system is based on jflow which provides the possibility to run the workflows within the ng6 graphical user interface or from command line. Analysis can run locally or in a cluster environment such as Sun Grid Engine.


You can find a tarball of different version of ng6 here. The tarball includes documentation and examples.

Installation guide or in source package directory doc

Developper guide

Announcing ...

  • ng6 v.2.0 - The ng6 v.2.0 release.
  • Check out the poster that we presented at the 2013 JOBIM Meeting in Toulouse, which describes the new ng6 release.
  • ng6 v.1.1 - The ng6 v.1.1 release.
  • ng6 v.1.0 - Here is the first packaged version of the tool.
  • Check out the poster that we presented at the 2010 Genotoul Meeting in Toulouse, which describes ng6.

How to cite

Mariette J, Escudie F, Allias N, Salin G, Noirot C, Thomas S, Klopp C. NG6: Integrated next generation sequencing storage and processing environment. BMC Genomics, 2012 13:462.

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