Remarques sur les révisions

Nom de version : FisPro3.1


Interface new features:

- Tree viewing (Learning menu) now has a graphical capability besides the table
viewing. Tree graphs can be edited, exported and printed.

- Tree generation (Learning menu) has a new feature for regression trees: least square
  conclusion optimization.

- Sample generation (Data menu) now has two options: 
1- generate learning/test pairs
2- generate K blocks directly usable for cross validation

- Inference from a data file (Data menu) has an additional checkbox to
  calculate (or not) links between rules and items.
Default behaviour calculates links for small data files (less than 200
  rows) and does not calculate them for bigger ones.
 Link calculation displays the rules activated (beyond the
  threshold given in the Inference window) by each item in the data
  file when moving the mouse over the corresponding point in the
  Results->View window.
In the former version links were systematically computed, which could
be costly in time for big data files.

Command line new features:

To use these features open a terminal (Linux/Unix) or a command window
(cmd or msys in Windows).
Change (cd) to the FisPro/cpp directory, then to one of the
directories below:
- superfis: configurable module to build FIS hierarchies.

cd superfis
First read superfisDOC.txt and run the example to understand the
configuration, before trying your own.
A pdf file illustrates the example hierarchy.

- kmeans: clustering procedure 
cd base
kmDOC.txt explains the program behaviour and gives an example.

Bug correction:

- Bugs when reading some data files have been corrected.

- The "Generate FIS without rules" option of the Learning and FIS
  menus has no more limitation about the number of distinct output

- Bugs related to links calculation between data and rules have been

Citing FisPro:
To cite FisPro please use the following reference (Bibtex format):

author = "Serge Guillaume and Brigitte Charnomordic and Jean-Luc Labl\'ee",
year = "2002",
title = "FisPro:  An open source portable software for fuzzy inference systems",
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