Remarques sur les révisions

Nom de version : CarthaGène1.0andActiveTclpackage


Notes :
a general version which everybody can use.

Windows installation

To install CarthaGene on Windows, you must do the following:

   1. uninstall any previous version installed. This means that you must both delete the previous CarthaGène directory and uninstall the Tcl/Tk package (from the windows Control Panel)
   2. unpack the carthagene1.0.exe archive you downloaded.
   3. in this directory, double click on the Active Tcl/Tk windows installation kit (file ActiveTcl8.4.2.0-win32-ix86.exe).
      WARNING, to install this package you must be a privileged user (Windows XP, 2000 or NT) or the rest of the installation will fail.
   4. Once Tcl is installed, double-click on the InstallWin Tcl file. This will create the tclshrc, cgwopt… files needed by CarthaGene
   5. This is it. You can directly execute CarthaGene by going in the gui directory and double-clicing on the CGW file.

      For ease of use, you can create a Shortcut to this file and put it in your favorite location (eg. Menubar).
   6. If the user interface doesn't start, check the contents of the cgwlog file for error messages.

If you don't want to use the graphical interface but only the Shell interface, simply launch TkCon (available in the main Windows application menu, under the ActiveTcl line) and load the tclshrc.tcl (File menu, Load File item). file from it. 

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