Remarques sur les révisions

Nom de version : version 4.0.1


The version 4.0.1 (January 2014) mainly add a QuickStart. The version 4.0 (October 2012) is compatible with GNU Octave (version 3.6), the output of several functions: mdp_relative_value_iteration, mdp_value_iteration and mdp_eval_policy_iterative, were modified.


* add a QuickStart * compatible with GNU Octave (version 3.6) * modification of evaluation of mdp_relative_value_iteration: average reward is now returned * modification of the evaluation of mdp_value_iteration and mdp_value_iterationGS: V (last value, not the optimum value) is not returned anymore and the value 0 is not allowed anymore for epsilon (it was a problem when a mawimum number of iteration was not provided) * modification of mdp_eval_policy_iterative, to provide epsilon-optimal V (that is |Vn - Vpolicy|<epsilon) the difference between two iterations has to be compared to [(1-discount)/discount] * improve code (suppress existence's test of mdp_VERBOSE after declaration of global) * Available on CRAN for R

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