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Posté par: Allouche david
Date: 09/02/2015 09:37
Résumé:Toulbar2 New release : available

DAG Based New global constraints (sgrammar,smax,samong) . ub improvement by local search (incop) and graph decompositon (peo)

[bug] change memcpy into memmove avoiding source and destination overlap errors during command line parsing
[bug] correct a bug in functional ternary constraints
[bug] correct a bug on initial domain sizes when dumping a UAI-format problem with evidence into a WCSP-format file in original mode (-z=1)
[bug] dead-end elimination is not performed before all the problem is loaded including unary cost functions (add DEE_ flag).
[bug] divide initial maximum representable cost by a constant to try to avoid arithmetic overflows when dealing with costs
[bug] EAC1 queue was not properly modified in propagateEAC
[bug] incop correction : Timer remove under windows OS (not supported by mingw cross compiler)
[bug] in order to avoid integer overflow when summing costs, shrinks forbidden costs in every cost function based on the difference of worst-case problem assignment total finite cost plus one minus problem global lower bound
[bugs] bug correction in shortest path with negative costs
[bugs] cpack architecture option has been update for rpm generation
[bugs] incop is now available under windows and Linux version. Timer is not available under windows OS
[bug] SIZE_MAX compile error debugging for some linux distribution
[bug] wrong type for string constant when using flag for UAI Evaluation
[code] 3 runs of local search by default.
[code] add optimality gap information
[code] bound hard costs to current optimality gap (upper bound-lower bound) for INCOP and catch contradiction if hard constraints are violated by INCOP best solution
[code] changing DAC order (setDACOrder method) automatically
[code] cleanup header dependencies and remove DOS/non ASCII chars
[code] command line interface update : Version 3.6, fix for Issue 2: invalid clumped option isn t returned in OptionText
[code] compatibility with Mac compiler
[code] DEE performed before VAC in order to speed up VAC (should be no difference in lower bound)
[code] disallow INCOP if there are large arity (>ToulBar2::preprocessNary) cost functions
[code] disallow INCOP if there are non enumerated variable domains (defined by their bounds only)
[code] force static cast on elimVarOrder global option
[code] for compatibility with numberjack i(how to find include files)
[code] global cost functions based on linear programming are untested, should not be used for the moment
[code] global procedure to initialize ToulBar2 global variables, needed by numberjack/toulbar2 (tb2init)
[code] header message for contribution to variable elimination ordering heuristics by Cyril Terrioux
[code] improve efficiency of getTrueDegree (faster preprocessing)
[code] improve initial upper bound for input problem in UAI format
[code] INCOP local search and peo solvers affiliations updated
[code] INCOP local search solver affiliation updated
[code] INCOP local search solver by Bertrand Neveu integrated inside toulbar2
[code] INCOP local Search solver is now include in toulbar2 solver
[code] INCOP will skip large arity (>ToulBar2::preprocessNary) cost functions or global cost functions (INCOP will solve a simplified problem)
[code] LONGLONG_INDEX (tb2store.hpp) allows trailing stack indexes to be represented by long long int (only valid for 64-bit systems) in order to exploit very large memory computers
[code] modification of simpleopt SO_MAX_ARGS and toulbar2 release tag include in the toulbar2 binary
[code] moves template definitions from cpp to header files (also for tb2binconstr.hpp)
[code] new tree decomposition heuristics only with BOOST compile flag ON
[code] new version 0.9.7 doc
[code] output number of "fixed" variables (having only one zero-cost value) after doing VAC
[code] release number changed from 0.9.6 to 0.9.7
[code] remove an assert which may be not always valid
[code] remove unused C++ variable
[code] rename incop files using cpp extension
[code] rename toulbar2.hpp into toulbar2lib.hpp for compatibility with numberjack and add comments to know specific code to change for numberjack
[code] trailing stack indexes representation allows to exploit very large memory computers on 64-bit systems
[code] tree decomposition greedy heuristics (from C. Terrioux's peo code) included in toulbar2 -O=[negative integer] : build a tree decomposition (if BTD-like and/or variable elimination methods are used) and also a compatible DAC ordering using (-1) maximum cardinality search ordering, (-2) minimum degree ordering, (-3) minimum fill-in ordering, (-4) maximum spanning tree ordering
[code] unused incop files
[code] update copyright year to 2014
[code] update current problem upper bound with the worst-case assignment finite cost after preprocessing and before INCOP
[code] update initial upper bound to worst-case finite cost plus one
[doc] updates documentation on global cost functions
[doc] wcsp file format toulbar2/doc/wcspformat.txt documentation (extracted from doxygen)
[doc] wcsp file format updated
[feature] in preprocessing, iterates DAC-based propagation with current DAC order and its reverse until a fix point is reached or lower bound increased is too small (less than 0.5%)
[feature] in preprocessing, iterates ternary cost function completion (option -t) until a fix point is reached or lower bound increased is too small (less than 0.5%)
[feature] new flag ToulBar2::uaieval in order to output solution in UAI format even if input file is in WCSP format, allowing to presolve using INCOP local search.
[feature] option -l=[integer] : limited discrepancy search, use a negative value to stop the search after the given absolute number of discrepancies has been explored
[misc] new scripts for debugging
[misc] problem_original .wcsp name has been replaced by problem.wcsp
[misc] solution checking for global contraint test case
[misc] too longer cover test have been removed
[option] new dynamic programming based global cost functions by CUHK
[option] PLPS global cost function requires CPLEX
[option] --save=filename : dump current wcsp into filename (see also option -z to select dump after preprocessing)
[option] two new options: -timer=[integer] : CPU timout in seconds ; and -w=[filename] : writes last solution found in filename (or "sol" if no parameter is given)
[option] reader of UAI format with logarithms instead of probabilities (.LG extension)

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